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Institutional Biosafety Committee

About the Institutional Biosafety Committee

The IBC is committed to providing a comprehensive and compliant biosafety program for researchers, students, and potential human subjects. The IBC is mandated by federal laws and regulations and is responsible for oversight of all activities involving research with microbiological agents, recombinant or synthetic Nucleic Acid, or toxins of biological origin.

New USDA permit CITI training courses became available in July 2016. To access these optional courses from your Main Menu in CITI, choose “Add a course or update learner groups” then click the box labeled, "I work with materials, organisms or pathogens that may require a permit from the USDA for transport, import, or export." Contact URCO for help registering.

Contacts and Committee Members

Standard Operating Procedures



Committee Meetings



For questions about K-State's biosafety program, contact Greg Peterson in the URCO office at gjpeters@ksu.edu or 532-3243.