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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Training Videos

Requirements to view the videos:

  • K-State EID - you must have a K-State EID and password
  • Be on the Training Roster - please contact URCO at 785-532-3224 or e-mail comply@ksu.edu to have your name added to the roster.
  • Have QuickTime installed - QuickTime is required on your computer to view the video(s).

Procedures to view the videos:

  • Click to view a video below. A new window will open to display the video.
  • You will be prompted to sign in with your K-State EID and password once per session.
  • A slight delay may occur when accessing these streaming videos as a certain amount of information must be streamed to your computer before the video can start. During the delay, you may see either a QuickTime symbol or a blank screen. While the length of the delay depends on many factors, typically each video should begin playing within 10-15 seconds. If you are presented with a question mark, close the window and select the module again. These videos have audio. Please note that the following two videos are still under construction: Fume Hoods, Lab Animal Room Environments.
  • After watching the video, complete the quiz/affirmation (if requested).

Training Videos:

Introduction to VTV, Handwashing Techniques, and the Needle/Sharps Safety video are all MANDATORY. All other videos are project-specific. Participation is dictated by the PI of each project.