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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IACUC Application Forms

Before downloading a PDF Document form, please note:
 You may not be able to complete a PDF form whilst viewing it in a web-browser. Save a copy to your computer and open it outside your web-browser before completing the form.  
 Follow all instructions on the first page of the PDF form before submitting. 
 Electronic submission is required for all forms. Please submit forms to comply@k-state.edu. 
 All PDF forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 (or later). You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader here. 

NOTE: Training requirements have changed as of 7/14/15. Click on the Training tab for detailed instructions.


Electronic submission is required for all IACUC applications. (For details see: Electronic Submission Process in the policy section.)

IACUC Application

IACUC-Application-06-13-2016 (PDF)

Download Assistance

Request for Cadaver Procurement and Use in Teaching or Research Activities

IACUC-Cadaver-Form-02-16-2012 (PDF)

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has adopted this form for submission, review and approval for procurement of whole dead animals (cadavers) for use in research and teaching activities (See Exempt Animal Use Activities; IACUC Policy 21). Procurement of animal parts; such as organs or tissues do not need IACUC approval. IACUC approval is good for one year. Activities that at any point involve live animals must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC on the standard IACUC Application for Approval form.


Modifications to Approved IACUC Protocol (DOC)   Explanation

*UPDATE February 2015* The IACUC modification submission process has recently changed.  The instructions for submission of all modifications (minor or major) are now identical. Click here for detailed instructions.


Teaching Addendum-Request for Animal Use in Non-Invasive Non-Painful Teaching Observations or Demonstrations

IACUC-Teaching-Addendum-09-12-2011 (PDF)

Narrative for Teaching Protocol (PDF)

The IACUC has approved this type protocol for simple teaching activities.

Food Animal Feeding or Production Activities Blanket Protocol Modification Request  (DOC)

The IACUC must review and approve animal care and use activities prior to initiation of the activity. Food animal feeding or production trials frequently involve large numbers of animals using standardized procedures with changes only in ingredients or additives. It is difficult to predict all of the potential variations of a feeding trial that may be performed. Consequently, in order to facilitate the submittal and review of food animal feeding trials involving large numbers of animals, investigators can: Submit a request for a blanket protocol that describes the overall activity in broad terms.


Animal Monitoring and Observation