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Career and Employment Services

Current Undergraduate Students

Career Planning

Learn about campus resources for helping you choose a major and determine what careers and job titles match specific majors. Research positions to learn what you would do in a particular job.

Resumes & Interviews

Learn how to build or improve resumes and/or CV's. Review resources to prepare for upcoming interviews!

Jobs & Internships

Find resources to help you with your job or internship searching.

Employer Connections

Learn who is coming on campus and when for career fairs, on-campus interviews, information sessions, or mock interviews.

Online Presence

Resources to help you connect with employers through social media and online sources while protecting your online reputation.

Hiring & Salary Information

Review K-State post-graduation statistics. Find resources for negotiating offers, determining salaries, and relocation.

Events & Workshops

Contains all of the upcoming CES events, career fairs, and workshops.

Advisor Recommended Resources

View some of CES's best kept secrets: workshops, events, videos, and websites.