Job Search Tips

General Information


Excellent articles on resumes, vitae, career guide, hidden market and salary.

College Grad Job Hunter

Articles for resumes, interview, negotiation. Outstanding!

Monster Campus

Good advice, see tips on Interviews and networking, resumes and letters.

What Color is Your Parachute

The guru of the job search. Identifies best sites for jobs, research and posting.

The Riley Guide

The authorized source for career job search links.

Resumes/Portfolios/Curriculum Vita


A professional service that offers free samples of their work with before/after critique.


Learn more about electronic resumes and portfolios.

Portfolio Library

Samples of portfolios and advice about using one in your job search.

Interviewing and networking

Interviewing Information

Tips for successfully interviewing from

Basics of Good Networking

Suggestions from Nick Corcodilos of

Salary Survey and Negotiation

NACE Salary Calculator

Compensation and employment guidance based on information relating to your education, employment history, and other factors.

What Am I Worth?

From the Riley Guide. Salary surveys by industry, salary negotiation and evaluation.

The Salary Calculator

A way to compare cost of living between two locations as indicator of cost of living and buying power. See also the relocation wizard, moving calculator and insurance professor.

U.S. Cost of Living Comparisons from DataMasters

Includes effect of taxes in calculations.

Paycheck City

Calculate your take-home pay after taxes for your state of residence.