Jobs and Internships

Part-Time Jobs
Access part-time job listings. Learn about employment opportunities on campus and in the community.

Internships and Co-ops
Learn about the benefits of experiential learning and find tips for your internship/co-op search. Discover how you can gain University Recognition for an internship or co-op.

Full-Time Employment
Find information on how to activate and use your CES account to apply for jobs and on-campus interviews. Also learn how to access services, workshops, events, and other resources to help you secure full-time employment.

Helpful Resources and Websites
Use links and information from top career websites to help you research, network, and negotiate your way to a successful career.

Report Your Job
If you have accepted a part-time position, internship, or full-time job, please let us know by completing this form. Reports are compiled for the Board of Regents, colleges, and departments to show where K-Staters go after graduation.