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Career and Employment Services

About Us - Career and Employment Services

CES Staff Fall 2015

Mission Statement

The mission of K-State Career & Employment Services is to provide career advising, training, employment connections, and resources to K-State students, alumni, faculty, administration, employers and members of the community which the university serves. CES is a student services unit within K-State's Division of Student Life.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM | Closed between Christmas and New Year's Day

CES Job Openings

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Mary Ellen BarkleyAssistant Directormebark@k-state.edu785-532-1680

Mary Ellen BarkleyMary Ellen’s Bio

Mary Ellen serves as liaison to the Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

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Mary Ellen has a bachelor's in psychology from Washington State University and a master's in college student personnel services from K-State. Mary Ellen is a Start Smart Salary Facilitator. She has worked for CES for over 13 years.

Strengths: Belief, Developer, Input, Positivity, Relator

Favorite K-State tradition: Call Hall!

Ashley BaileyMarketing Coordinatorabai1005@k-state.edu785-532-1687

 AshleyAshley’s Bio

Ashley serves as the Marketing Coordinator. She supports marketing, promotions, and social media initiatives for CES.

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Ashley is a 2012 K-State graduate in Public Relations and Spanish. She furthered her education at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, where she earned her master’s in Visual and Digital Media. She joined the CES team in 2015.

Strengths: Developer, Individualization, Input, Intellection, Learner

Favorite K-State tradition: Seeing a friendly face you know to say “Hi” to around every corner!

Janelle BrooksGraduate Assistantjanellebrooks@k-state.edu785-532-6506

Janelle BrooksJanelle’s Bio

Janelle advises students in all K-State majors and programs.

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Janelle received her bachelor's in Exercise Science-Sports & Recreation Management from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. She is currently pursuing a master's in College Student Development from K-State.

Strengths: Adaptability, Connectedness, Harmony, Intellection, Restorative

Favorite K-State tradition: Wearing purple, but of course!

Anne DeLucaAssistant Directorajdeluca@k-state.edu785-532-1685

Anne DeLucaAnne’s Bio

Anne serves as liaison to the College Engineering.

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Anne received her bachelor’s in sociology/criminology from Doane College and a master’s in communication studies from Kansas State. She previously was a graduate assistant for the K-State Forensics Team and taught public speaking classes on campus.

Strengths: Activator, Individualization, Positivity, Restorative, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: K-State Tradition - I enjoy learning about the history of campus and of course the WABASH!

Mary EwingAdministrative Assistantmewing@k-state.edu785-532-1685

Mary EwingMary’s Bio

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student in Arts & Sciences or Engineering , Mary can help you connect to a career advisor.

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Mary provides support to students, faculty, and alumni for the Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Engineering. She has a bachelor's in restaurant management from K-State. Mary has been with CES since 2006.

Strengths: Communication, Connectedness, Harmony, Input, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: Purple … because it's an awesome color!

Angela HayesAssistant Directorangelagh@k-state.edu785-532-3392

Angela HayesAngela’s Bio

Angela focuses on career services programming and advising for all K-State alumni as well as Arts and Sciences graduate students. Please complete this form to make an appointment with Angela. Angela's office location: Alumni Center #1720, 2nd Floor, Program Suite.

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Angela has a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree in industrial/organizational psychology and a Ph.D. in professional coaching and human development. Angela is a Start Smart Salary Facilitator. She has worked at CES since 2007.

Strengths: Connectedness, Intellection, Learner, Relator, Strategic

Favorite K-State tradition: The K-State Proud program … it’s wonderful to see students helping other students as part of the culture of the K-State family. I think it’s one of the many things that makes K-State a uniquely friendly and welcoming place to be.

Pat HudginsAssociate Directorphudgins@k-state.edu785-532-6508

Pat HudginsPat’s Bio

Pat serves as CES liaison to the College of Education students and leads other center-wide initiatives including marketing and communication.

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Pat received her bachelor's in communication from the University of Cincinnati and her master's in college student development from K-State. Pat is a Start Smart Salary Facilitator. She has worked at CES since 2013.

Strengths: Includer, Learner, Maximizer, Relator, Responsibility

Favorite K-State tradition: My favorite K-State traditions include attending Purple Power Play with a great display of fireworks and K-State Open House. It’s a time I share K-State with new members of the community.

Andrew KohlsCareer Development Coordinatorandrewkohls@ksu.edu785-532-1669

Andrew KohlsAndrew’s Bio

As the Career Development Coordinator, Andrew is responsible for the career advising needs of first-year and open-option students, walk-ins, and coordinating for student outreach. He also manages the Visitor Services area and assists students in finding part-time employment.

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Andrew received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human development from Kansas Wesleyan University and is pursuing a master’s degree in academic advising from K-State. He has been working in higher education since 2010 having previous experience in immigration advising and admissions. He joined the CES team in 2014.

Strengths: Context, Communication, Empathy, Positivity, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: The Week of Welcome at the beginning of the semester. I love feeling the buzz and energy from all of our new Wildcats navigating campus for the first time!

Kevin MokhtarianAssociate Directorkevinm@k-state.edu785-532-6508

Kevin MokhtarianKevin’s Bio

Kevin serves as the liaison to the College of Business Administration.

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Kevin received a bachelor's in human resource management from Friend's University and a master's in adult and continuing education from K-State. Kevin brings 23 years in business combined with seven years in higher education experience to his role at CES. He has worked at CES since 2014.

Strengths: Ideation, Individualization, Learner, Responsibility, Strategic

Favorite K-State tradition: University support throughout the community. Everyone I have encountered is proud of KSU and speak positively of the students. KSU has done a good job of being part of the community not just in the community.

Dana NordykeAssistant Directornordyke@k-state.edu785-532-1680

Dana NordykeDana’s Bio

Dana serves as the liaison to the Colleges of Human Ecology and Architecture, Planning & Design.

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A KSU grad, Dana received a B.S. in business administration and a M.S. in college student development. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in student affairs. Dana is a certified Career Development Facilitator and is a Start Smart Salary Facilitator. She has been with CES since 2009.

Strengths: Communication, Developer, Includer, Positivity, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: There is nothing like K-State family gatherings on football game days---the purple, tailgates, Willie doing push-ups, and of course the Wabash.

Jorge PiocudaInterim Assistant Directorjep0151@k-state.edu785-532-1685

Jorge PiocudaJorge’s Bio

Jorge is the interim liaison for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences.

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Jorge received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2010 and received a Master of Science in Psychological Sciences from Kansas State University in 2015. Jorge has been a part of the CES Family since 2010.

Strengths: Analytical, Deliberative, Input, Intellection, Learner

Favorite K-State tradition:

Alison SotkovskiAdministrative Assistantalison@k-state.edu785-532-6508

Alison SotkovskiAlison’s Bio

If you are student needing an advising appointment in the colleges of Business or Education, Alison will take care of you. Alison is also the go-to person for Education On-Campus Interviews.

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Alison has been with CES since 2001.

Strengths: Adaptability, Empathy, Intellection, Responsibility, Restorative

Favorite K-State tradition: The family atmosphere.

Jodi SwendsonAdministrative Assistantjswend@k-state.edu785-532-1680

Jodi SwendsonJodi’s Bio

If you are a student in the Colleges of Agriculture; Architecture, Planning & Design; or Human Ecology, or Vet Med, Jodi can connect you to a career advisor.

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Jodi received her bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Human Services from Kansas State University. She joined the CES team in 2015.

Strengths: Adaptability, Empathy, Ideation, Input, Positivity

Favorite K-State tradition: Doing the Wabash at K-State games!

Debbie GuillenProject Managerdebra3@k-state.edu785-532-3450

Debbie GuillenDebbie’s Bio

If you are an employer with a career fair question, Debbie likely has answers. Debbie is the go-to for registration, payments, and day-of concerns.

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Debbie has been with CES since 2004.

Strengths: Adaptability, Harmony, Maximizer, Positvity, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: Purple Power Play on Poyntz and Wabash!

Debbie OwensOn-Campus Interview Coordinatordowens@k-state.edu785-532-1681

Debbie OwensDebbie’s Bio

Debbie schedules on-campus interviews, posts jobs, and books interview rooms in Holtz Hall.

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Debbie has worked at CES since 2001.

Strengths: Achiever, Context, Indivdiaulization, Learner, Relator

Favorite K-State tradition: Purple Power Play!

Anthony YbarraEmployer Relations Coordinatoranthonyy@k-state.edu785-532-6506

Anthony YbarraAnthony’s Bio

Anthony assists all current and prospective employers recruiting on campus.

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Anthony has a bachelor's in human resources from Kansas State University and is pursuing a master's in college student development. Anthony has been with CES since 2011.

Strengths: Arranger, Communication, Individualization, Positivity, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: Finals week ... the bells in Anderson hall play the Fight Song and Alma Mater. It reminds me of when I was walking from my last final about to go out into the world, creating a surreal moment in time.

Jami ClarkOffice Managerjclark@k-state.edu785-532-1637

Jami ClarkJami’s Bio

Jami serves as the human resource liaison and helps coordinate and support office operations.

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Jami earned her bachelor's in business administration from K-State. Jami completed her PHR certification in 2014. She has worked at CES since 1998.

Strengths: Arranger, Competition, Maximizer, Positivity, Responsibility

Favorite K-State tradition:

Sharon FritzsonDirector's Assistantsfritzso@k-state.edu785-532-1691

Sharon FritzsonSharon’s Bio

Sharon supports the director's area and also facilitates the center's accounting.

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Sharon has an associate's degree in accounting and has worked for CES since 2001.

Strengths: Achiever, Empathy, Focus, Maximizer, Responsibility

Favorite K-State tradition: Willie the wildcat!

Kerri KellerExecutive Directorkdkeller@k-state.edu785-532-1691

Kerri KellerKerri’s Bio

Kerri directs the overall operations of CES and teaches the LEAD 399 Internships for Career Development class.

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Kerri has a PhD from K-State, a master’s in student personnel and a bachelor's degree in psychology/social work. She has worked in career services for over 20 years at universities in IN, OH, NC, MO and KS.

Strengths: Connectedness, Futuristic, Learner, Maximizer, Strategic

Favorite K-State tradition: K-State Family – this is a special place and I appreciate the extra effort that everyone gives to take care of the family.

Dawn WallTechnology Coordinatordawnmw@k-state.edu785-532-1683

Dawn WallDawn’s Bio

Dawn manages the center's computer systems and administers the center's website.

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Dawn has a bachelor's in secondary education from K-State. She has worked at CES since 1995.

Strengths: Discipline, Empathy, Harmony, Individualization, Maximizer

Favorite K-State tradition: Wearing purple!

Student Staff

Gaby Armendariz, Paraprofessional, Major: Industrial Engineering

Aoife Callanan, Paraprofessional, Major: Architectural Engineering

Hannah Condrey, Graphic Design Intern, Major: Mass Communications

Meghan Hunt, Job Data Entry Student Worker, Major: Marketing

Tania Fuentes, Career Closet Intern, Major: Apparel and Textiles

Sterling Muse, Paraprofessional, Major: Business Administration Pre-professional

Katie Pfeifer, Paraprofessional, Major: Accounting

Mandy Simons, Event Planning Intern, Major: Hospitality Management

Maya Tilmon, Marketing Intern, Major: Mass Communications

Rachel Walker, Paraprofessional, Major: Chemical Engineering

Laura Wiebe, Career Closet Intern, Major: Apparel and Textiles

Jacob Winkel, Paraprofessional, Major: Wildlife and Outdoor Ent Management