CAT Communities

One interest, endless connections

Connecting Across Topics (CAT) Communities are set of learning communities specifically designed for first-year students. They are a terrific way for students to make a great start at K-State.

The CAT Communities are designed around student interests, and they offer mentoring from a professor and an advanced undergraduate Learning Assistant who shares the students' interests. They are an ideal place for students to meet each other and to study together.

Listen to what current students are saying about their CAT community experience! 


"My instructor and learning assistant offered practical and helpful advice about academics and college life. I made great friends and learned so much in a safe and comfortable environment."

Merabeth Corbett 
Hotel and restaurant management major
Business of Hospitality CAT Community, fall 2011
Oakley, Kansas

"As the learning assistant, I helped organize tours of local restaurants and businesses so students could see what areas might interest them. The class is a hands-on-experience and really shows students what the industry is like."

Kale Hamm
Hotel and restaurant management major
CAT Community learning assistant
Waverly, Kansas