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Student Success CAT Communities

Chart your journey to success!

These Student Success CAT Communities engage first-year students with a diverse community of goal-oriented peers, facilitate individual academic guidance, and assist students in developing a strong educational foundation. These Communities foster independent learning, build community and inspire engagement, develop multicultural competencies, and provide students with the tools and skills needed to succeed in college. Within the courses, there is an emphasis on college student success skills such as time management, study skills, critical thinking strategies, etc. They provide a place to ask questions about the University and practice the skills needed to succeed as a first-year student. There are Residential and Non-Residential options to choose from!

For these CAT Communities, we also work closely with the Academic Achievement Center to offer academic support to students inside and outside the classroom in the form of tutoring, supplemental instruction, and academic coaching.

Residential Student Success CAT Communities:

Find Your Fit icon Find Your Fit

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” and "What are you going to major in?" are undeniably two questions a first year college student has heard over and over.  Enroll in this CAT Community to learn more about yourself and the decision-making journey as you uncover your strengths, values, and a world of majors and careers that can lead to a life of passion, purpose, and fulfillment.

Residence Hall: Marlatt

COMM 106 Public Speaking 1

FSHS 110 Introduction to Human Development

EDCEP 120 Academic and Career Decisions


First in the Family Icon First in the Family

This is a living-learning community for first-generation, first-year students. You will learn essential college success skills such as community building and critical thinking, while taking classes that teach you about social systems and leadership. You’ll develop your talents and strengths, become a part of an academic and social support network, and learn all about the tools, resources, and services to make your transition to college successful.

Residence Hall: Haymaker

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology

LEAD 195 First in the Family


First Scholars First Scholars

This CAT community will focus on empowering you with tools and resources to create a successful transition to college. You will learn how to analyze the social world and your place in it. You’ll accomplish this through hands-on workshops to learn about bettering yourself professionally and socially while exploring leadership potential. This living learning community is only for first-generation first-year students selected to be part of the First Scholars program.

Residence Hall: Strong Community

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology

LEAD 195 1st Gen 101: First Generation Transition Seminar  


Gender Sexuality and Pop Culture icon Gender, Sexuality, and Pop Culture

College, society, and our place in both can seem complicated; and so can our views on feminism, gender, and sexuality, which are heavily influenced by pop culture. What can we learn about ourselves and others with the ever-shifting roles of sex, gender, and sexuality in our society and culture? As the news reports gender equality becoming more of a reality, especially for women; as LGBTQIAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, intersex, asexual/ally, polyamorous/pansexual) people become more visible on TV; and as meninism draws a considerable following on social media, some people might believe that feminism no longer matters. In this CAT community, we shall explore how feminism has actually benefitted all of our lives and how pop culture can be a critical medium to enact gender, sexual, and racial justice both locally and globally.  

Residence Hall: Kramer Community

COMM 106 Public Speaking

GWSS 105 Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

DAS 195 Talking about Sex, Gender, and Sexuality


Strengths Strengths

K-State is a strengths-based campus. First year students in this living learning community will transition from strengths identification to strengths development.  Discover what you do best and learn how to use those talents to make your college experience rewarding and successful. In this positive and engaging learning community, you will study the importance of exercising leadership through a strengths based perspective. You will bridge the gap between your own leadership education and social environment to make progress on issues you care deeply about.  

Residence Hall: Moore and West

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology

LEAD 195 Strengths


Non-Residential Student Success CAT Communities: 

Breaking Bad Chemistry icon Breaking Bad Chemistry

Chemistry is often presented in a negative light in the media and often with minimal factual substance. In the Breaking Bad CAT Community, students will learn chemistry, read about how chemistry is currently presented in the media, and learn how to communicate in ways that better inform the public about topics in chemistry.

CHM 210 Chemistry 1

COMM 106 Public Speaking 1

DAS 195 Breaking Bad Chemistry


Global Conversations Global Conversations

Bonjour! ¡Hola! Guten Tag! Ni Hao! Hello! Did you know that there are 196 countries and countless cultures across the globe? In this CAT Community, you will learn how communication transcends location and how to develop your own skills as a global communicator. 

GEOG 100 World Regional Geography

COMM 106 Public Speaking 1

EDCEP 110 Study Skills and Strategies

Mapping Your Future Mapping Your Future

Discover the world through the lens of political, social, and economic geography in this engaging CAT Community, while also practicing a variety of problem-solving skills for the classroom and the real world. 

MATH 100 College Algebra

GEOG 100 World Regional Geography

EDCEP 110 Study Skills & Strategies

Problem Solving Problem Solving

Are you a math person? Do you enjoy working with numbers and formulas? Or do you like reading and writing? Most people identify with one skillset over the other, but in this dynamic CAT Community you'll learn the necessary skills to solve a variety of everyday problems -- inside and outside the classroom.

MATH 100 College Algebra

ENGL 100 Expository Writing I

EDCEP 110 Study Skills & Strategies


Speak Your Mind Speak Your Mind

In this CAT Community, you'll learn how psychology and communication shape the ways you understand yourself and the world around you. You'll spend time with a close group of peers exploring your perspectives, sharing ideas, and building community. 

COMM 106 Public Speaking 1

PSYCH 110 General Psychology 

EDCEP 110 Study Skills & Strategies


Think Global Act Local icon Think Global, Act Local

In this learning community we will explore our passions and personal identities as a way to learn how to make a meaningful difference in our larger community, state, country, and world.

ENGL 100 Expository Writing 1

GWSS 105 Intro to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

DAS 195 Think Global, Act Local


Writing Life Writing Life

"In order to write about life, you must first live it." -- Ernest Hemingway. In this CAT Community, we'll explore the ways race, gender, and class intersect in our everyday lives and in society at large. 

ENGL 100 Expository Writing 1

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology

EDCEP 110 Study Skills and Strategies


If you have additional questions, contact us at kstatefirst@k-state.edu.