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Career Center

Job Sites by Career Field: Communication, Arts & Humanities

Career and employment resources available for students majoring in various disciplines related to communication, arts, or humanities.

Career Resources for Related Majors
Comprehensive Sites for Jobs and Internships
  • Humanities Networking Sites - List of organizations for various industries within the Humanities discipline compiled by University of Colorado.
  • International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) - Professional association site assisting job seekers in all industries and communication functions including public relations and marketing.
  • Journalism Job Bank - Directory of jobs and internships in TV, photo journalism, newspapers, freelance, etc. compiled by UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.
  • NationJob - Listing of career opportunities in variety of industries and employment categories.
  • The Write Jobs - Specialty job board and career resource for journalism, media, publishing and writing professionals.
  • Walt Disney World - Internship opportunities include a combination of education and work experience related to a wide variety of majors.
Resources for students with specific interests
Advertising/ Public Relations
History & Museums
Journalism/ Technical Writing
  • American Society of Newspaper Editors - Professional organization focusing on journalism-related issues. Search internships under Resources menu.
  • Atlantic Media Company - Career and internships working with publications such as The Atlantic, National Journal, and Government Executive covering topics related to business, politics, government, media, and academia.
  • JournalismJobs - One of the largest and most-visited online resource for journalism jobs.
  • Jobs Page - Link to newspaper careers including job boards and advice.
  • Magazine Publishers of America - Industry association for consumer magazines and includes online job bank listing of internships with various publications.
  • Rodale Publishing - Publisher of various health, nutrition and exercise related magazines or books with link for Career Opportunities.
  • Society for Technical Communication (STC) - Access to ob postings specific to technical communicators plus articles, podcasts, and salary information.
Performing Arts
  • Publishers Weekly - Trade publication reviewing all genres of recently published books and online job postings listed under Careers, then "job zone."
  • W.W. Norton & Company - Publisher of about 400 books annually posts numerous internships and full-time job opportunities online.
TV, Radio, Film
  • Illinois Broadcasters Association (IBA) - Resources under Careers include Job Bank and Career Fair. Opportunities also available for student broadcasters.
  • Show Biz Jobs - Opportunities for various job disciplines that drive the Entertainment business including operations, accounting/finance, marketing, sales, graphic arts, production, post-production, internships, etc.
  • The Producer Page: Jobs! - List of Producer positions compiled by Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism.
  • TV jobs - Comprehensive media directory for Broadcast Television including agents, awards, channels, colleges, film festivals, internships, job lines, scholarships, etc.
Visual Arts
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