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Career Center

Job Sites by Career Field: Architecture, construction, landscape & Interiors

Architecture & Interiors

Resources for students pursuing architecture careers or related fields including urban planning, landscape and construction as well as interior design.

Comprehensive Sites for Jobs and Internships
  • Archinect: Architecture Jobs: High trafficked architecture employment website.
  • Archipro Staff Agency: Works with architectural firms to fill professional positions in Architect, Landscape Architect, and Interior Design fields.
  • ArchitectureCrossing: collection of job openings for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Town Planning, City, Urban & Environmental Planning jobs; fee based.
Resources for Interiors students with specific interests
Urban Planning
  • American Planning Association: Professional educational organization providing leadership in development of communities. Review Jobs Online section.
  • Cyburbia: Urban planning message board and resource center including job board.
  • Planetizen: Public-interest site provided by Urban Insight for the urban planning, design, and development community. Includes jobs postings.
  • Urban Planning Now: Site listing available urban planning job opportunities.
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