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Wildcat Internship Survey


The Wildcat Internship Survey (WINS) addresses the need for efficient internship data collection and reliable metrics that can be shared throughout the university community.



When students participate in the WINS — Everyone WINS!!

  • Current Students - Learn about potential employers
  • Future students - See K-State’s commitment to career readiness
  • Employers - Will be able to evaluate their recruiting success
  • Academic advisors - Can provide inspiring internship examples
  • K-State - fulfills its mission to provide academic and extracurricular learning experiences which promote and value both excellence and cultural diversity

For the purposes of WINS, internships have been defined as “educationally-related work experiences that integrate knowledge and theory with practical application and skill development in professional settings.”

Annual Survey

The annual WINS survey is distributed in October to undergraduate students who have a primary major in:

  • Agriculture*
  • Architecture, Planning & Design*
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business Administration*
  • Engineering*
  • Human Ecology
  • Technology and Aviation*

*These colleges have elected to apply a KSIS enrollment hold to encourage student participation.

If you are a student in Education, you will not receive a survey as your college has an alternate data collection process.

How it works:

The invitation to participate in WINS will be distributed to each student's K-State email address and will look like this: 

WINS Email Example

Click the survey link in your email and answer a few questions about your internship experience(s) during the previous academic year. WINS should take no more than five minutes to answer. The survey questions include the following five common questions and another five specific questions from your college.

  1. Did you participate in an internship during the previous academic year?
  2. Did you receive college credit for your internship?
  3. Enter the company you interned with.
  4. Enter the location of your internship.
  5. Enter the state/country location of your internship.

Note: If your college elected to apply a KSIS enrollment hold, the hold will be lifted within 30 minutes of your survey completion.

Can’t find your Wildcat Internships Survey email?

  1. Check your junk and clutter email folders
  2. If you still can't find it, email Mary Ewing (mewing@k-state.edu).

Have a question about your KSIS hold?

Contact your college representative for assistance:

AgricultureAg Student Records Office (785) 532-6157
Architecture, Planning & DesignDanna Voegelidvoegeli@k-state.edu(785) 532-2846
Business AdministrationKurt Robertskjroberts90@k-state.edu(785) 532-2862
EngineeringAndy Fundandyfund@k-state.edu(785) 532-5592
Technology and AviationKathy Sandersksand@k-state.edu(785) 826-2607

For more information: