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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
141 Chalmers Hall
1711 Claflin Rd.
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-7278 fax

Biotechnology Core Facility
206 Burt Hall
785-532-6297 fax

Biomolecular NMR Facility
37 Chalmers Hall

Graduate Biochemistry Group Student Seminars

Fall 2016

Mondays at 4:30 p.m. in 114 Burt Hall.

Coffee and cookies available at 4:15 p.m. in 168 Chalmers Hall.

September 19Nicole Green Loss of Fondue takes a Toll on Drosophila muscle development 
September 26Pavithra Natarajan Conjugating Gold With Branched Amphiphilic Peptide To Form A Planar Bilayer 
October 3Lynn Schrag NMR Structural Studies of Stress Responsive Peptide-2 from the Insect Manduca sexta  
October 10Yan Shipelskiy  
October 17Linda Alyahya  
October 24Aritri Majumdar  
October 31 No Seminar
November 7Nicoleta Ploscariu  
November 14Miao Li  
November 21 Fall Break - No Seminar
November 28Simran Bawa  
December 5TBD