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Music Dept

MMB POLOS are still available at GTM.   You can still order one but it will not be finished by Memorial day - that’s OK.  You can wear a white dress shirt  (non-t shirt) for the memorial day gigs.

MMB Polo shirt ordering information!
The informational flier can be found HERE
All orders can be emailed directly to Brent@igtm.com, or dropped by 520 McCall Road at their GTM Showroom to attn: Brent Dinkel. Faxing or mailing in the forms is not recommended, as it will likely cause a delay in processing. Payment must accompany the orders in order to process, shirts will be delivered to you at rehearsal.  Orders are due no later than May 16th in order to guarantee delivery by the first concert.

Manhattan Municipal Band

Director: Dr. Frank Tracz

Assistant Directors: Mr. Rod Manges, Mr. Don Linn

Managers: Jack Donovan, Dan Haddad, Eddie Shaw, Alex Wimmer

2016 Manhattan Municipal Band:

Samantha Boxberger
Jessica Brummel
Betty Chatham
Tarrie Crnic
Makayla Finch
Jair Holquin
Carol O'Neill
Elizabeth Robinson
Angela Snowden
Jessica Spencer
Anna Wimmer

Sara Gift
Elizabeth Tobald

Nancy Calhoun
Lizzy DeRoulet
Shelby Goss
Matt Shea

Dean Armstead
Harry Choin
Kasey Dunlap
Matt Hiteshew
Jenna Hubele 
Alicia Jackson
Tod Kerstetter
Owen Li
Erin Lloyd
Kathleen Oldfather
Hannah Schmidt
Frank Sidorfksy
Abby Thompson
Michaela Van Duesen
Ranie Wahlmeier
Brooke Waters

Bass Clarinet:
Elizabeth Everman
Alex Meek
Emma Nelson

Alto Saxophone:
Angela Coxie
James Shanteau
Daniela Thrasher
Sydney Topliff

Tenor Saxophone:
Thomas Holder
Connor Penton

Bari Saxophone:
Michael Meier

Gary Beck
Ben Brent
Nathan Brooks
Billy Brown 
Fred Burrack
Taylor Dunham
Scott Freeby
Eli Gillespie
Troy Hensley
Dennis Laubhan
Don Linn
Frank McCaskill
Roger Reitz
Hunter Sullivan
James Walmann

Janet Armstead
Grace Baugher
Bailey Bye
Max Dunlap
Ana Fornoza
Justin Gittle
John Hanson
Sandra Horton-Smith
Sharyn Worcester

Paul Flesher
Julie Hunt
Paul Hunt
Erin Kornacki
Henry Law
Rod Manges
Phillip Payne
Jim Reed
Andrew Scherer
Elaine Snowden
Heidi Swanke

Caleb Kuhlman
Thomas Place
Sandy Richard
Tom Spencer

Greg Knittel
Matthew Scott
Eddie Shaw
JT Van Gilder

String Bass:
Chris Boxberger 

Karsten Burns
Jack Donovan
Dan Haddad
Garrett Lloyd
Ryan Smallwood
Mary Stamey
Kirsten Votaw
Alex Wimmer