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Office of Assessment

Sample rubrics 

Listed below is a wide range of rubrics. Rubrics vary in their construction such that some are more quantitatively designed and others are more qualitative. Thus, different rubrics help to meet the needs of a variety of users.

Group / Team Work

Rubric for Team Work 

Intrapersonal Communication

Intrapersonal Communication - Knowing one’s philosophy of life; being aware of one’s beliefs and values; committing to lifelong learning; possessing ethical standards consistent with professional commitment.

Literature / Article Review

Rubric for Reviewing an Article 

Math Proofs

Rubric for Math Proof (Math572) 

Oral Presentations

Math Presentations (.pdf)
Rubric for Weekly Oral Reports 

Rubrics for Written Assignments

Characteristics of an “A” Paper 
Essay Question – Examples of A, C, and F essays
Grading Scale for Microtheme Assignments 
Interview Paper 

Research Paper

Rubric for Research Paper 
Numerical Scale for Grading
Scales for Grading Exploratory Writing

Writing in Seminar Portfolios

Description of Criteria 
Numerical Scale for Grading