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Information on the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)

The CLA is a major initiative of the Council for Aid to Education. The CLA, which is given every 3 years, offers a value-added, constructed-response approach to the assessment of higher-order skills, such as critical thinking and written communication. Hundreds of institutions and hundreds of thousands of students have participated in the CLA to date. The institution - not the student - is the primary unit of analysis. The CLA is designed to measure an institution's contribution, or value added, to the development of higher-order skills. This approach allows an institution to compare its student learning results on the CLA with learning results at similarly selective institutions.

2011-2012 Academic Year

  • 96 freshman and 104 seniors completed the survey, for a total of 200 respondents.

The following information was found in the freshman and senior unadjusted performance ranks:

  • For the performance task, seniors had a mean score percentile rank of 81, while the freshman had 43.
  • In the analytic writing task, seniors ranked in the 79th percentiles while freshman ranked 38.
  • For the Make-An-Argument category, seniors had a mean score percentile rank of 65 while freshman had 34. 
  • In the final category, Critique-An-Argument, seniors ranked in the 86th percentile while freshman ranked 43. 


2011-2012 CLA Institutional Report

 cla (book view)