Handouts from assessment workshops

These were some of the handouts disseminated at the assessment workshops:

9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning (.pdf)

Good Characteristics of a Departmental Assessment Plan* (.pdf)

Developing and Maintaining an Assessment Plan: A Recommended Set of Steps (checklist) (.pdf)

Recommended Template for Assessment Plans

K-State Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes (.doc) (Approved by Faculty Senate, April 2004)

K-State Graduate Student Learning Outcomes (Approved by Graduate Council December 2003)

List of Verbs from Bloom's Taxonomy* (.pdf)

Curriculum Matrix, 2 worksheet examples* (.pdf)

Examples of Components* (.pdf)

Examples of Evaluative Criteria* (.pdf)

Issues in Assessment Methodology (.pdf)

Examples of Learning Objects (Assessment Tools & Measures) * (.pdf)

Worksheet for Summary Measures Used* (.pdf)

Worksheet for drafting Assessment Plans/ Reports (answering 5 questions)* (.pdf)


*Source: Departmental Assessment Plans by Dr. Susan Hatfield (Winona State University), Academic Chairs Conference, February, 2004, Orlando, Florida.