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Alcohol & Sexual Assault Prevention

Parent & Family Information

We believe K-State, our parents and family members are in a partnership to promote student success! That is why we are making the Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention Program (ASAP) available at no cost to parents and family members to review. We hope this program helps to open dialogue about alcohol and sexual assault prevention with your student. ASAP uses the Think About It modules from Campus Clarity© and is available for your review.  For access, email asap@ksu.edu.


IMPORTANT: ASAP for Parents is solely used to provide parents and family members with information about the ASAP program.  All K-State students are required to complete the course on their own.  Your K-State student will not be given credit for course completion under ASAP for parents.We have provided separate instructions for accessing the student version of ASAP(http://www.k-state.edu/asap/instructions.html).