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Alcohol & Sexual Assault Prevention

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About the Programs

K-State is excited to offer you Think About It—an online substance and sexual violence training program that prepares students to confront and prevent serious campus problems. Think About It uses an engaging, thoughtful approach to provide students with the tools they need to navigate the risks of life in college before they ever set foot on campus.

What is Think About It?

Designed to be completed by incoming students before they arrive on campus, Think About It is a primary prevention program that addresses sexual misconduct and substance abuse in a single online training course. The course provides students with a comprehensive foundation in four areas: sex in college, partying smart, sexual violence, and healthy relationships.

Think About It was designed by a team of educational designers. In order to maximize engagement, retention, and impact, they designed the course to feature rich interactivity and media, including dozens of questions and games, animated scenarios, and opportunities for students to offer their own responses to questions about their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. By considering major topics in different contexts using rich media and interactivity, the Think About It program makes these topics engaging for students of diverse backgrounds and communication styles.

Why Think About It?

Think About It's research-based curriculum was developed with the input of over forty student focus groups. It takes a non-judgmental approach to effectively reach students and prepare them for life in college. The course utilizes storytelling and interactions to maximize user engagement and retention. This singular approach to online training was recognized with the prestigious Gold Stevie business award for best online training in 2013 and a NASPA Gold Excellence Award for the University of San Francisco for Violence Education and Prevention.




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Kansas State University is one of hundreds of institutions nationwide taking a new approach to alcohol and sexual assault prevention.
Students will receive a message in their campus email account that will provide more details about this program, including how to access the program and deadline for completing it.

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