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Director, AODES

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AlcoholEdu and Haven at K-State

As part of K-State's comprehensive and proactive approach to encourage students to stay safer and healthier, the university is requiring all newly enrolled, degree-seeking students on the Manhattan and Salina campuses who are under the age of 22 on the first day of classes to complete the web-based AlcoholEdu and Haven for College programs.

The AlcoholEdu and Haven for College programs will be available beginning December 8, 2014 and must be completed by January 16, 2015. You MUST earn a grade of 75% or higher on the Alcohol Edu Part I and finish Haven Part I to successfully complete the program.

AlcoholEdu and Haven for College are educational programs; they are not K-State courses for academic credit.

AlcoholEdu and Haven at K-State is sponsored by ConocoPhillips and the K-State Parent and Family Association.

Whether students drink or not, AlcoholEdu for College® will empower them to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and help them better cope with the drinking behavior of their peers.