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About the Program

K-State is excited to offer you AlcoholEdu for College® – a non-opinionated, science-based program taken by hundreds of thousands of students each year. The program aims not to preach but rather to teach the facts about alcohol and its effects on the mind and body. Whether or not you drink, AlcoholEdu for College empowers students to make well-informed decisions and provides some simple strategies to help keep you and your friends safe. AlcoholEdu for College is an educational program; it is not a K-State course for academic credit.

What is AlcoholEdu for College?

AlcoholEdu for College offers a confidential, personalized experience for each student.

    The program includes:
  • Five modules of alcohol-related content featuring videos, blogs, IM chats, comics, and more
  • Helpful tools, like a BAC calculator and map of U.S. laws
  • Discussions on policies and issues related to alcohol
  • Safe partying strategies and tips for helping a friend
AlcoholEdu modules
Why AlcoholEdu for College?

Surveys from more than 70,000 students who completed AlcoholEdu for College in the summer and fall of 2005 demonstrate the effects of the program.

    After taking the program:
  • 72% said they now know more about blood alcohol concentration (BAC).
  • 70% said they would recommend the program to other students.
  • Further, an independent study of AlcoholEdu for College showed that students who took the program had 50% fewer negative personal, health, and academic consequences than those who did not take it.

EverFi web site For more information about AlcoholEdu for College, visit the EverFi website.

Kansas State University is one of hundreds of institutions nationwide taking a new approach to alcohol prevention.

Students will receive a message in their campus email account that will provide more details about this program, including how to access the program and deadline dates for completing it.

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