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Print resources

In addition to career assessments and career exploration classes, ACIC offers a library of reference materials that cover hundreds of careers.

Books are available for a 2-week checkout period.


As a StrengthsQuest partner at K-State, ACIC is glad to help you explore your strengths. If you want to learn more about your top 5 strengths and are not involved with a campus organization or class that is using this tool, please let us know! We can set up an appointment to assist you in understanding the meaning of Strengths, as well as how they can be used to enchance your academic and career goals. For more infomation on StrengthsQuest, visit the website at www.k-state.edu/strengthsquest

Request a speaker

ACIC staff members are available to present the following program to your class, student organization, or living group. If you would like to request a speaker for your group, please stop by ACIC in 14 Holton Hall, or call in your outreach request at 785-532-7494.

"Deciding on a major"

As students consider the many options available, it is helpful to think about career interests, abilities, and values and how they relate to college majors and future careers.

This interactive lecture will help students begin the process of self-evaluation, and look at potential careers that would match their personal preference. Participation is encouraged as a step-by-step process is outlined with suggestions about how to pursue your career goals.

Workshops and Resources