Psychology is the study of the human mind and how it relates to behavior. K-State’s undergraduate major in psychology provides students with a broad liberal arts education and an understanding of how psychologists study behavior. A degree in psychology prepares students for graduate school as well as careers in a wide variety of fields, including social services and business. Psychology students may enter graduate or professional programs in clinical psychology, industrial/organizational psychology or experimental psychology. They may also pursue advanced degrees in fields such as social work, law, or medicine. In order to be a professional psychologist, a person must receive advanced training.

Related career titles

Child care giver
Community relations director
Correctional case worker
Crisis intervention specialist
Employee relations manager
Gerontological care giver
Human resources professional
Market research analyst
Marketing/sales manager
Probation/parole counselor
Psychologist (only with training beyond bachelor’s degree)
Public opinion surveyor
Teaching/training program developer
Youth home manager

Resources available in ACIC*

Career Paths in Psychology
Careers in Criminology
Careers in Social and Rehabilitation Services
Great Jobs for Psychology Majors
Opportunities in Counseling and Development Careers
Opportunities in Health and Medical Careers
Opportunities in Psychology Careers
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