Geographers study human activities in a place, regional, or global context.  They view the world as a complex mosaic of interconnected people, things, and activities.  Career opportunities in geography are diverse.  Employment opportunities vary from positions in business and government to jobs in planning and education. Others choose to utilize their knowledge and energies in programs such as the Peace Corps. Because of the breadth of the discipline, many students choose to specialize in a subfield such as community studies, natural resources and environmental sciences, earth system science, sustainability science, GIS and spatial analysis, or geographic education. Others may select a specific region of the world, such as either Latin America, Asia, or Africa, as a focal point for their studies.

Related career titles

College and University Professor*
Conservation manager
Economic developer
Environmental analyst
Geographic information systems manager
Global positioning system specialist
Historic preservation consultant
Location analyst
Market researcher
Park ranger
Real estate appraiser
Terrain and land use planner
Urban planner
Water and natural resource planner

*Additional training needed for these occupations

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