Communication Studies

Employers today rate effective communication as the morst preferred skill in their employees. In addition, in a world where the legal system is built on arguments, where relationships and families are held together by stories, politics require critical yet civil discourse, the study of communication has never been more important. Students who study communication can prepare for diverse careers in a variety of professions including business, government, law, teaching, ministry, and healthcare to name a few.

Related career titles

Account specialist
Campaign communication director
College/University faculty*
Communications consultant
Communication director
Community affairs coordinator
Company spokesperson
Corporate trainer
Event planner
Government mediator
Intercultural communications specialist
Legal brief writer
Management consultant
Political consultant
Public engagement coordinator
Public relations manager
Speech writer
Story editor
Technical writer
Youth Minister

*additional training required for these occupations

Resources available in ACIC*

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Careers in Communications

Pathways to Careers in Communications
Careers in Writing
Career Opportunities for Writers
Opportunities in Writing Careers
Careers in Publishing

Opportunities in Journalism Careers
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Careers for Talkative Types and Others with the Gift of Gab

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