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Grad School

Start Planning Now

To get the most from a graduate program you must be focused on a career goal. Graduate programs are looking for students who apply with a plan in mind.  ACIC has resources available to assist with the process.

After determining your goals, the first step is to research and select several potential graduate programs. Faculty members are key individuals to consult as they have specific knowledge in their academic field.

Keep in mind, when looking at graduate schools, there are many factors to consider:

  • Departmental reputation in the field
  • Curriculum requirements
  • Research specialization areas of faculty
  • Degrees offered
  • Admissions requirements
  • Size of the program
  • Types of financial support available
  • Program accreditation
  • Location of institution

Grad school timeline

Plan your graduate school application process.

Application checklist

Click on the above link to open a document that will help you keep track of your graduate school applications and their various requirements and deadlines. Thanks to the McNair Scholars Program for letting us adapt this document from some of their materials!

Personal statements

Have you hit a wall trying to write your personal statements? Don't even know where or how to begin? Check out the following documents for some great tips about successfully writing these difficult essays. Special thanks to K-State's Jim Hohenbary for allowing us to link to his materials!

Additional resources

Explore these other resources to help you in your quest to get into grad school. Topics include general advice, researching different programs, finding ways to fund graduate study, and more.

Test prep info

Find the test you need for graduate school admission.

K-State Graduate School

Learn about graduate programs available at K-State.

Graduate student at commencement ceremony