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Major Spotlight! April 27-May 1

Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Agricultural Communication students study both agricultural or environmental sciences and mass communications. They work for public relations firms, government agencies, commodity promotion groups, newspapers, radio and television stations, magazines, nonprofits and other organizations.

Fun Fact

There are more jobs than students in agricultural communications and journalism, and these students are making great salaries in great jobs. There are a variety of jobs such as working in the social office of the First Lady and traveling the country for public relations accounts.


Check out a career biography of a K-State Agricultural Communications graduate who used her education and experiences to obtain a job in the real world.

Career Opportunities

Explore a wide variety of career opportunities in Agricultural Communications and Journalism available to you and continue to explore and learn more about this major.

Get involved on Campus

As a student, you have a variety of opportunities for leadership and involvement on campus. See how you can get involved in the College of Agriculture to learn more about Agricultural Communications and Journalism.

Current Students

Look into what current Agricultural Communication and Journalism students are doing in their major.


Want more information on this major? Check out the Agricultural Communication and Journalism website.

Week of April 27-May 1

What is Major Spotlight?

Major Spotlight is a weekly highlight of academic programs at K-State!


Agricultural Communication and Journalism