Major Spotlight! October 20-24

Computer Science

An estimated half of all jobs now involve some use of or interaction with computers. In spite of their important electronic aspects, computers owe their power to people. People design and program computers. People create application systems. People supply data to and use information from computers. Career possibilities in the computing sciences are as numerous and varied as the applications for which computers are used.

Fun Fact

Three Computing and Information Sciences student teams participated in the Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Competition regional programming contest, finishing 5th, 10th and 20th out of 25 teams competing.


Check out a career biography of a K-State Computer Science graduate who have used his education and experiences to obtain jobs in the real world.

Career Opportunities

Explore a wide variety of career opportunities in Computer Science available to you and continue to explore and learn more about this major.

Get involved in Research

As a student, you have a variety of opportunities for leadership and involvement in research. See how you can get involved with research in the Department of Computing and Information Sciences to learn more about this major.


Want more information on this major? Check out the Computing and Information Sciences website.

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