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Career Specialist Bio

GarrettName: Garrett Smith                                

Major: Senior in Family Studies and Human Services

Process of Deciding on a Major: Upon coming to K-State, I really didn’t know for sure what I wanted to do. So, I just jumped into something that first interested me. I really didn’t do much research, other than coming on a campus visit, to really look into what would be a major and career path that I really would love. I started Kinesiology, Pre-Med/Pre-Physical Therapy, because of my interest in science, and the medical field. Then, I really found out what college was like during my freshman year, and the difficulty of the coursework. I also saw how specific the courses were becoming, and realized that I needed to explore my options a bit more. I also found what I want out of life, which didn't involve as much of the scientific studies and strategies. I then came to the conclusion that working with others was really where I found enjoyment, so I decided to explore Secondary Education. I spent a semester there, and I learned more about teaching, and figured it wasn't for me exactly. Unfortunately, the income was not where I was hoping it would be for a teacher, so that was a factor in rethinking a career in Education. So, I decided to pursue a Family Studies degree and to continue my education upon graduation at a Seminary school to become a Pastor. This has been the best fit for me because it combines my two favorite things: my passion for my faith, and my passion for others.

Why students should come to ACIC: I believe all students should come to ACIC at least once simply to explore the resources and information available to them that they would otherwise never know about. Awareness is the first step in any life change, so becoming aware of different majors, careers, graduate programs, and much more only makes sense as a simple first step in the process of change that each college student embarks upon when enrolling in college. ACIC is a collection of wonderful resources that are presented to the student by the staff. ACIC acts as a guide throughout the student experience here at Kansas State.

How ACIC helped us: Personally, I was really at a loss after the first 7 months of my freshman year when what I was doing was not what I wanted to do at all. I came to the office to apply for the Career Specialist position, and I was fortunate enough to get the job. Ironically, through training and learning how to help others make a better major decision, I was guided through my own major decision simultaneously. This was an awesome process that I really don’t think I would have gotten otherwise.

Career Path: I plan on continuing my education upon graduation at a Seminary to receive a ministry degree, and hopefully become a pastor for a church. I really am passionate about conversing with others about God. This will probably have to wait a while as I will need to enter the workforce for a while to earn the money necessary to go back to school, but that is the goal long term.

Especially passionate about helping: People, and all the various types of them. I really love helping people become the best people they can be. I am joyful when others are successful with their goals. This is really my passion in life, period.

Interests and Involvements on Campus: For me, I really am passionate about my faith in the Lord. I give a majority of my time to Ichthus, a campus ministry for college students. I spend time with my specific house church, and in different roles like worship band drummer and such. I also really love athletics, so intramurals are my thing. I do every sport that I have time to do, which end up being flag football, basketball, and softball.

What is my top strength, and how do I use it in ACIC: My top strength is Adaptability. I use this strength everyday in the office, and in many different ways. I have a natural aptitude to "go with the flow" and not to get flustered when things don't go exactly as I plan them. I am able to run with whatever comes my way, without too much difficulty. In ACIC, I use this strength primarily in appointments with students. I must be able to adjust and work with each individual student, with individual wants and desires for their time in the office. So, consequently, not every appointment looks the same; actually they all look very different and are subject to change on the fly. My strength of Adaptability allows me to adjust to new situations as easily as possible, also it helps me in walking someone else through change in their life as well.