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Graduate Assistant Bio

Olivia Miller

 Name: Olivia Miller

 Major: Masters in Counseling & Student Development, first year.

 Undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science; Secondary Major in International Studies; Minor in Leadership Studies, Nonprofit Focus.

 Process of deciding on a major: For undergrad my process began in high school - I was not sure what I wanted to do specifically, but I wanted a career working with international development so I first chose the International Studies secondary major and then paired it with Political Science. I was a Leadership Studies minor and changed to the Nonprofit focus my sophomore year because it suited my goals and paired nicely with my majors. I never changed my major, but I did drop my German minor twice and was a History minor for a semester. As for my graduate degree I started in the Security Studies program here at K-State and spent a lot of time at ACIC during my senior year looking at International Relations graduate programs. During my second semester I realized that the program was not for me and that the Counseling and Student Development program fit me much better.

Why students should come to ACIC: Deciding on a major and career path can be overwhelming with all of the information out there. ACIC is a one-stop shop for all of those resources while also providing one-on-one help. With the guidance and knowledge of a Career Specialist, students will have a better understanding of the many options they have and hopefully will not be overwhelmed, but rather leave our office confident in their major and career path decisions.

How ACIC has helped me? Working at ACIC has led me to the graduate degree I am pursuing now - Counseling and Student Development. My experience of working as a Career Specialist my senior year was the eye-opening experience of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life; I was just not aware of it until later. ACIC has further developed my interpersonal skills, my professional development and teaching skills. Working at ACIC has benefitted me both personally and professionally, and I hope that students feel the same after coming to our office.

Career Path: After completing my Masters I hope to work at a University in an office just like ACIC, providing career counseling and/or academic advising for students.

Especially passionate about helping: All students, especially first year students and international students, but also the parents since they want what is best for their student.

Interests and involvement on campus: In undergrad I was involved in Phi Eta Sigma, Nonprofit Leadership Student Alliance, Golden Key International Honour Society and a variety of Housing organizations. I live in Jardine where I have the opportunity to continue my involvement with National Residence Hall Honorary.

Top Strength and how it is used in ACIC: My top five strengths are discipline, deliberative, intellection, empathy, and developer. I would say that I while I use each of these everyday in the office, I probably use empathy and developer the most. Both of these strengths are directed to the students who come into the office asking questions and I take the time to understand their needs and then provide them with resources and encouragement to send them off towards the path of their fullest potential.