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Academic and Career Information Center

Career Specialist Bio

Career Specialist Nicole KuhnName: Nicole Kuhn

Major: Communication Studies, Senior

Process of deciding on a major: I began college in Texas as a General Studies major so that I could experience a variety of classes to see where my interests and strengths were and eventually tried out four other majors until I realized that I needed some help to make a decision. When I came to K-State, I still was in this process of trying out majors and my advisor recommended that I make an appointment with the Academic & Career Information Center. The process helped me realize what I really wanted to study and found my major in Communication Studies (I kept that major!).

Why students should come to ACIC: ACIC is not just for people who are undecided; it can benefit anyone. Even if you already know the major you want and have a plan for the job you will pursue, ACIC can help you become more self-aware, discover options you many not have considered before, or have a self-confirming moment which will give you confidence to continue down the path you are currently pursuing. 

How ACIC has helped me? I had several different majors before I visited ACIC and received help to choose my current major. I was stressed out and worried that I would end up settling for a major that I did not really enjoy until I took the assessments and did the research with help from ACIC.

Career Path: I have a few different ideas about what I would like to pursue upon completion of my degree. I know whichever job I work in, my desire is to interact with people, have some physical activity, and prefer to have set hours. I discovered these specific requirements while working at ACIC helping others determine out what they wanted. 

Especially passionate about helping: I am energized by helping others reach a goal, discovering things about themselves they had not known, and seeing them experience that relief and excitement that comes with making a tough decision. I am passionate about helping anyone who I am able to and often use the skills I have acquired through my experiences in ACIC outside of the office during conversations and interactions with others.

Interests and involvement on campus: I enjoy visiting McCain for shows and when I am not working, studying, visiting with friends or family, I like fishing and running with my dogs. 

Top Strength and how it is used in ACIC: The strength I rely upon most is Input. I regularly am seeking out information for myself, and others and I truly enjoy it. I like to learn and be able to apply that knowledge to appointments or everyday interactions.