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Career Specialist Bio 

Aeriel Website PictureName: Aeriel Dodson

Major: Family Studies and Human Services, Music Minor, Senior

Process of deciding on a major: My process began in high school when I looked at class requirements for degrees. My first plan was to study Psychology. After my first semester at K-State, I decided psychology wasn’t for me because I wasn’t interested in the heavy amount of research. I then went open-option where my advisor told me about Family Studies and Human Services (FSHS). While FSHS also includes research, there is more of a theoretical approach and therapy side to this degree. Because of my passion for singing, I was a music minor but decided to add a vocal performance major. After a year of being a double major (FSHS and Vocal Performance) I decided to pursue social work at a graduate level and dropped the performance degree. I have changed my mind many times during my college career but finally found my way!

Why students should come to ACIC: Being unsure of a major or career path can be very overwhelming in college. Students are not alone and ACIC can help them explore their options, shed light on majors they didn’t even know existed, or provide a student with resources that can give them the answers and information they need.

How ACIC has helped you: ACIC helped me decide on my graduate level education path by providing me with resources. ACIC has also helped me learn about resume writing, cover letters and the interview process. Simply working in the office with the amazing staff has allowed tremendous amounts of personal growth.

Career Path: After earning my degree in Family Studies and Human Services, I plan on getting my masters in Social Work. I then hope to have a career in a counseling setting.

Especially passionate about helping: Students who are unsure of their interests, youth and families, new parents.

Interests and involvement on campus: I am involved in the Gamma Phi Beta sorority as well as the K-State Operas, K-State Concert Choir, Choral Ambassadors and Kappa Omicron Nu.

Top Strength and how it's used in ACIC: The strength I used most in the office is probably Analytical. Each student presents their own unique interests, experiences and passions. I like to analyze their situation and give them the best resources possible.