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Career Specialist Bio

MirandaName: Miranda Cook

Major: Marketing and Management, Junior

Process of deciding on a major: When I first came to K-State I had the idea that I was going to become a Genetic Counselor. So I majored in Microbiology. After a few weeks I looked more into Microbiology and decided that I should switch to Biology because I heard Micro was more for people that wanted to do research. In April of my freshman year, I started working here at ACIC and I was taking some of the assessments we offered. They were all pointing me to the Marketing field. I had an interest for business in high school but I didn’t think anything of it. Right before the end of the school year, I switched my major over to Marketing and added Management in the fall to broaden my job possibilities.

Why students should come to ACIC: Students should come to ACIC because it is important to see what all the jobs and majors that are possible as well as see where you would be best fit. I would have stuck with Biology if I had not taken the test and I would not enjoy what I study 

How ACIC has helped us: At ACIC I have the privilege to help students achieve success and find careers that they enjoy and have a passion for. There are so many resources in ACIC and they have helped me for my own personal research as well as for other staff members and students.

Career Path: Currently I do not have a career path for after graduation in May 2016. I know that I would like to leave college working full time for a few years and come back to college to get a Master’s in Business Administration. There are many options out there and I am still deciding what the best option for me is when I graduate college.

Especially passionate about helping: First year students. 

Interests and involvement on campus: Some of the campus organizations that I am a part of include: K-State First Student Advisory Council, Powercat Financial Counseling Advisory Board, Johnson County Ambassador, Guide to Personal Success Advisory Board, Christian Challenge/STUMO, Executive Mentor Program, Professional Advantage Events, Smurthwaite Scholarship/Leadership House. For fun I love to hang out with my friends and play games and watch movies. I also enjoy knitting, working out, and dancing.

Top Strength and how it is used in ACIC: My top five strengths are achiever, futuristic, belief, input, and learner. My top strength that I use at ACIC is input because I collect information from the students that I meet with. With this strength I take every bit of information as important detail because at some point in the appointment it could prove to be valuable.