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Career Specialist Bio

Career Specialist Abbie BontragerName: Abbie Bontrager

Major: Human Resource Management – Management, Senior

Process of deciding on a major: In high school I was very involved with my school’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) organization. I participated in many marketing events and really enjoyed them. I decided that coming into college Marketing would be a great fit because I love people and business, and Marketing is a great combination of both. When I started getting into my Marketing classes I realized that I didn’t like it as much as I thought. However, I still wanted to stay in Business and work with people. I took FOCUS 2 and many of the careers it suggested were related to the Human Resource work of an organization. I realized that Human Resource Management would be the perfect fit for what I am wanting in a career.

Why students should come to ACIC: Students should come to ACIC because of all the resources that ACIC has to help. The career specialists are willing and eager to show students all of the resources and help in any way possible to allow the student to make a decision about their major and career path.

How ACIC has helped me: ACIC has helped me find a major and career path. I came in thinking that Marketing was the career path that I wanted to take. Through taking the FOCUS 2 assessment and talking with a career specialist, I was able to see that I would enjoy a different major more.

Interests and involvement on campus: Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Business Ambassadors, Christian Challenge

Top Strength and how it is used in ACIC: My top strengths are Achiever, Communication, Woo, Responsibility, Harmony. I am able to use my communication strength the most while working in ACIC. When meeting with students I have to actively listen to what they are concerned with and communicate all of the different options that K-State has to offer.

Especially passionate about helping: First year students

Career Path: After I graduate I plan to find a job in the Human Resource Department doing the recruiting and/or hiring for a large company.