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Honorary degrees

The honorary doctorate award is given to people who have attained distinction as scholars and/or for service to society. A department or college may initiate the award. Proposals should be submitted to the President's Cabinet who will forward appropriate candidate(s) to the Faculty Senate and the Kansas Board of Regents for approval. Few people are chosen and the recipient must be present at all-university commencement to receive the degree. Eligibility is limited to people who recognition is appropriate to the university and those who advance its educational mission.


Year Name Degree
2014 Freeman, Wayne
Hofmeister, John
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
2013 Staley, Warren Doctor of Philosophy
2012 Gates, Robert Doctor of Philosophy
1988 Eriksen, Conrad J. K. Doctor of Humane Letters
1988 Slaughter, John Doctor of Science
1987 Bevan, William Doctor of Science
1987 Carlin, John Doctor of Laws
1987 Schroeder, Alfred Doctor of Humane Letters
1986 Agan, Anna Tessie Doctor of Humane Letters
1986 Coleman, Edgar E. Doctor of Science
1986 Nadel, Norman S. Doctor of Fine Arts
1986 Paslay, LeRoy C. Doctor of Science
1985 Rogers, Richard D. Doctor of Humane Letters
1985 Wedel, Waldo R. Doctor of Letters
1984 Bowie, Walter C. Doctor of Science
1984 Jones, E. Fay Doctor of Fine Arts
1984 Mandelbaum, Arthur Doctor of Science
1984 Schmidt, John W. Doctor of Science
1983 Bainer, Roy A. Doctor of Engineering
1982 Copeland, Aaron Doctor of Humane Letters
1982 Lown, Wilfred F. "Bill" Doctor of Humane Letters
1982 Wilson, Claude Leonard Doctor of Science
1981 Beck, Glenn Doctor of Science
1981 Rhodes, John Doctor of Humane Letters
1980 Benson, Fred J. Doctor of Engineering
1980 Chalmers, John Doctor of Humane Letters
1979 Bennis, Warren G. Doctor of Humane Letters
1979 Fitch, James Marston Doctor of Arts
1975 McCain, James Allen Doctor of Humane Letters
1973 Trotter, Virginia Yapp Doctor of Science
1972 Senti, Frederic Raymond Doctor of Science
1970 Lush, Jay L. Doctor of Science
1970 Parks, Gordon Alexander Doctor of Letters
1970 Pritchard, William Roy Doctor of Science
1969 Johnson, Maurice D. S. Doctor of Laws
1968 Greep, Roy O. Doctor of Science
1967 Landon, Alfred M. Doctor of Laws
1966 Darby, Harry Doctor of Laws
1966 Eisenhower, Dwight David Doctor of Laws
1964 Beadle, George Wells Doctor of Science
1963 Carlson, Frank Doctor of Laws
1963 Eisenhower, Milton S. Doctor of Humane Letters
1963 Hall, Joyce C. Doctor of Laws
1963 Hendricks, Sterling Brown Doctor of Science
1963 Kimball, Solon T. Doctor of Science
1963 Rust, John Howard Doctor of Science
1963 Sebring, Harold L. "Tom" Doctor of Laws
1963 Vail, Gladys E. Doctor of Science
1963 Wilson, Murray A. Doctor of Science
1962 Menninger, Karl A. Doctor of Laws
1962 Menninger, William C. Doctor of Laws
1962 Shriver, Robert Sargent, Jr. Doctor of Laws
1961 Mangelsdorf, Paul Christoph Doctor of Laws
1961 Peltier, Eugene Joseph Doctor of Laws
1961 Thackrey, Russell I. Doctor of Laws
1960 Dunlap, Jack Wilbur Doctor of Laws
1960 Greenewalt, Crawford Hallock Doctor of Laws
1956 Hope, Clifford Ragsdale Doctor of Agriculture
1955 Seaton, Fred A. Doctor of Laws
1949 Baker, Marvel Leon Doctor of Science
1949 Blanks, Robert F. Doctor of Science
1948 Price, James Francis Doctor of Laws
1947 Jones, Donald Forsha Doctor of Science
1947 Short, Mac Doctor of Science
1946 Edwards, Martin Arthur Doctor of Science
1946 Harrison, Florence Doctor of Science
1946 Mohler, Jacob Christian Doctor of Agriculture
1944 Edgerton, Glen Edgar Doctor of Engineering
1944 Houser, John Samuel Doctor of Science
1943 Parrott, Percival John Doctor of Science
1942 Secrest, Edmund Ray Doctor of Science
1942 Waugh, Mary Alice Vail Master of Family Life
1941 Green, Roy Monroe Doctor of Science
1938 Bane, Juliet Lita Doctor of Science
1938 Dow, Ula May Doctor of Science
1938 Enfield, William Lester Doctor of Engineering
1938 Fairchild, David Grandison Doctor of Science
1938 Hagan, William Arthur Doctor of Science
1938 Jardine, William Marion Doctor of Laws
1938 Miller, Merritt Finley Doctor of Science
1937 Rose, Flora Doctor of Science
1937 Sears, Fred Coleman Doctor of Science
1935 Freeman, Ernest Harrison Doctor of Engineering
1935 Jardine, James Tertius Doctor of Science
1935 Wildin, George Washington Doctor of Engineering
1934 Hitchcock, Albert Spear Doctor of Science
1934 Mortensen, Martin Doctor of Laws
1933 Waugh, Frank Albert Doctor of Science
1932 Hazlett, Robert H. Doctor of Laws
1931 Fox, Phillip Doctor of Science
1931 Kent, Harry Llewellyn Doctor of Laws
1931 Sandzen, Birger Doctor of Laws
1930 Sisson, Edward Octavius Doctor of Science
1928 Mason, Silas Cheever Doctor of Science
1927 Bartholomew, Elam Doctor of Science
1927 Boss, Andrew Doctor of Science
1927 Knaus, Warren Doctor of Science
1925 Calvin, Henrietta Doctor of Laws
1925 Jones, Nellie Sawyer Kedzie Doctor of Laws
1925 Marlatt, Abby L. Doctor of Science
1925 Potter, Andrey A. Doctor of Engineering
1923 Kellerman, Karl Frederic Doctor of Science
1922 Piper, Charles Vancouver Doctor of Science
1922 Swingle, Walter Tennyson Doctor of Science
1921 Marlatt, Charles Lester Doctor of Science
1920 Coe, Frank Winston Doctor of Laws
1920 Harbord, James Guthrie Doctor of Laws
1920 Helmick, Eli Alva Doctor of Laws
1909 Coburn, F. D. Doctor of Laws
1909 Fairchild, Edward T. Doctor of Laws
1909 Hill, Joseph Doctor of Laws
1909 Nichols, Ernest R. Doctor of Philosophy
1909 Scott, Charles F. Doctor of Laws
1909 Strong, Frank Doctor of Laws
1909 Stubbs, Walter R. Doctor of Laws
1909 Williams, Walter Doctor of Laws
1908 Walters, J. D. Doctor of Arts
1908 Willard, Julius T. Doctor of Science
1907 Fairchild, Edward T. Master of Arts
1904 Rupp, Alice Master of Arts
1902 Thompson, George F. Master of Science
1898 Bartholomew, Elam Master of Science
1897 Olin, Oscar E. Master of Arts
1883 Walters, J. D. Master of Science
1877 Fraser, John Doctor of Laws
1873 Riley, C. V. Master of Arts
1872 Platt, J. E. Master of Arts
1868 Reynolds, Charles E., Rev. Doctor Of Divinity