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General overview and instructions
This short course is intended for teachers and parents of children from infancy through middle childhood as in introduction to courage and heroism. You do not have to have Raising Courageous Kids: Eight Steps to Practical Heroism to take this short course.

A short course on courage is a "conversational" course comprised of 34 frames (brief web pages) linked together in a conversational format. As I wrote this course, I imagined that you the reader were seated across from me at a kitchen or coffee shop table.

This personal format is the same approach I used in the highly successful courses at The WonderWise Parent website: FireWorks: Anger management in adult-child relationships and the new I'm positive: Growing up with self-respect. These two courses are each over 220 frames and are provided at no cost to the reader.

In this course, there are no grades or other forms of official credit. If you are hoping to take this short course to complete a certification requirement, contact your agency to see if someone there would be are willing to supervise your study of Raising Courageous Kids. If there is sufficient interest, I might expand the course using the book as a course text.

You are taking this course anonymously. I have no way to confirm that you have studied this material.

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