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This section provides a series of handouts for use in parent educator workshops and presentations. You may reprint and distribute these handouts as long as they remain unchanged in their present form. Version dates are indicated for each handout.

General references in support of Raising Courageous Kids
Young Children Article (January 2005)

First Steps to Mighty Hearts: The Origins of Courage  January 21, 2005 (pdf file)
Article that appeared in the January issue of Young Children, the journal for the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
Early Childhood Application Guide February 13, 2005 (pdf file)
Resource to use with early childhood educators and students to implement the above Young Children article.

Workshop guide for professionals June 29, 2004 (pdf file)
This Workshop guide is intended for use by a parent educator or teacher with groups of parents who want to gather to discuss the issue of courage and children. Participants do not have to have a copy of Raising Courageous Kids to participate. These workshops may be held in churches, schools, homes, libraries, or community centers. This document is a PDF file that can be downloaded by clicking on the link (right clicking to save).
One-page handouts
Chart of the eight steps July 4, 2004, version b (pdf file)
A general, playful summary of key elements at each step: discovery-skill-goal-person-mythology-stories-nature-color-creature.
Brain structures related to courage October 3, 2004 (pdf file)
Key brain structures significant for the exersize of courage and the development of a conscience.
Giving mommy the teddy bear October 4, 2004 (pdf file)
A flow chart showing the sequence of decisions and actions a toddler might take when seeing his or her mother crying. Should be used with Brain structures related to courage.

Resources related to the national parenting satellite teleconference
These resources can be downloaded by any visitor, but were intended primarily for use by participants in the satellite broadcast or who have purchsed the video from Iowa State University.
Bullying Q&A December 16, 2004 (pdf)
I respond to questions asked by participants in the satellite teleconference. Includes the PowerPoint slide text.

Bullying facts November 24, 2004 (pdf)
Overview of bullying for use as part of the satellite and video program.

Applying the eight steps to courage and bullying September 15, 2004 (pdf)
Applying the eight steps to courage to two of the three elements in bullying: target, and bully.
Bullying and the recipe for terror November 30, 2004 (pdf)
The factors that contribute and describe the bully, family, victim, audience, and school.
Experiences and consequences October 3, 2004 (pdf file)
Applying the eight steps to courage to positive and negagive experiences and their consequences. Target audience is primarily professionals who work with at-risk children.
Raising courageous kids: bullying vs. peer challenges September 15, 2004 (pdf)
Applying the eight steps to courage by contrasting the tasks of two elements in the bullying triangle: target and victim (the third is the bully). In my view, there is a difference between bullying and peer challenges. The second handout provides a contrast between these two events. Handouts will be explained further at the Finding a Mighty Heart: Acquiring the Courage to Stand Up for Oneself and Others program I will conduct on December 7 for the national parenting satellite teleconference offered by Iowa State University.
Radio Interview

Alaska Public Radio (no longer available)
A 1-hour call-in interview and Alaska Public Radio website with additional resources. I was very impressed with the professionals who conducted the interview and set up the website. Highly recommended.

Coordinated Websites
Know Bullying
This website was created to support my new initiative specificially on bullying. Although the site is based on the issues explored in Raising Courageous Kids, the .
Everyday Heroes
If you are a teacher or youth worker with children from about ten to twelve years of age, you might be interested in The Everyday Hero website that has many activities for use with your children. This website preceded Raising Courageous Kids and is not based on all the skills in that book. Someday I might revise it based on the newer information.
The WonderWise Parent
My first major website that has many resources, programs, and ideas for parents and professionals.

Many of the examples of "Mighty Hearts" in Raising Courageous Kids are recipients of the Carnegie Hero Medal. Enter the name of your city or state into their search engine to see a list of recipients over the last 100 years in your area. Their stories are well worth reading.

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