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I am interested in the use of playful strategies for promoting learning as part of my educational programs. I created the Challenge to Valor card game to provide parents, children (ten years and older), and educators with a cooperative simulation of the sequence in the Circle of Valor found in the last chapter of the book.

From one to four players are dealt a hand of response cards. In each round of play, a crisis card is turned over. Each player then takes a turn to play cards from his or her hand to attempt to succeed at a challenge on the Circle of Valor. Success at each challenge on the circle earns players victory points. The game ends when the response card deck has been exhausted twice.

This game will be used primarily as a part of my inservice programs with teachers and workshops with parents (see Training). The game should be finished by August 1, 2004. At that point, I will include a link to the instructions on this page once they are available. The card game will also be available for individual sale here as well.

If you are interested in family games, be sure to visit the board games section at my WonderWise Parent website. If you would like to inquire regarding the progress of the game, contact me by clicking on "Contact Us" below.

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