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To learn more about The Ring of Valor: Bullying, download and examine the Handbook for Program Leaders. Return here for the most recent version:

Download the Handbook PDF v.1.0

You can also download the Program Assessement PDF.

The Factsheets section provides one-page PDF publications for parents and teachers. The Activities section includes resources for teachers of fifth- and sixth-grade children.

This website is a noncommercial site. Unlike many websites on bullying, we are not selling products or services. I would be happy to collaborate with school teachers and administrators to implement the program with older elementary school children. If you live in Kansas and would like me to visit your school and/or community, please contact your closest FCS agent. If you live outside of Kansas, you can reach me by clicking on the "Contact us" tab at the bottom of the page).

I hope that this website will introduce visitors to a fresh perspective on bullying that will stimulate further exploration.

Readers can discover useful links related to bullying embedded throughout the site.

This website is evolving. Content will change as new information becomes available and I revise current publications. I may add new sections suggested by visitors. If this topic is important to you, bookmark the site or send me an email requesting that I add your email address to the update list.

If you want more information about parenting, visit the home page for the WonderWise Parent (Click on "Home" below).


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