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Scarab Lords box
Scarab Lords cards
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Designer Reiner Knizia
Manufacturer Fantasy Flight Games
Year 2002
Source Domestic reprint

Quick Summary
spacerAnother terrific game by the master German game designer, Reiner Knizia. This card game is set in a mystical Egypt and depicts the battle of dominance between two powerful factions, the Scarab Lords. The board, placed between the two players, is divided into two halves. Each half is then subdivided into three sections.To win, power must be achieved in these areas of religion, military, and economics.
spacerControl of these areas will allow the player extra actions or options. Control of the military forces the opponent to discard the top card of their draw deck; control of religion lets a player make an opponent's cards useless at least for a while; economic control allows a player to draw an additional card from their deck.
spacerEach player has their own beautifully illustrated 40 card decks. Cards are great sorcerers, mythical beasts, epic monuments, and military might.
spacerEach player can play up to two cards a turn to one or more of the three areas of kingdom power. The turn is divided into three phases. Each card can be played only during a specific phase. Cards are also rated for power. Adding the power of cards at a particular location will determine who controls that area.

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