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Piraten-Pitt game cover
Piraten-Pitt game board
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Designer Klaus-Jurgen Wrede
Manufacturer Rio Grande
Year 2002
Source Import (game components are language independent; rules in English)

Quick Summary
spacerYes, indeed. The bits for Piraten-Pitt (Pete the Pirate) are delightful and are up to the high standards of all the Haba games I have seen. Move your sailor around the board collecting treasure and return to the ship any time to unload. Your treasure chest has a sliding cover that reveals one of two sections in the chest.
spacerWhen you get the treasure, you slide the cover and insert the treasure in the revealed compartment (no changing your mind). Gather and unload all your treasure first and you win. Movement is dictated by the die. If you roll the pirate symbol on the die, you move Pete one, two, or three spaces. No player can move through Pete.
spacerIf you move Pete to another player's piece, rotate his or her treasure chest one, two, or three 90 degree turns. Then demand to see the treasure ('Hey sailor, have you stolen my treasure?'). The other player reveals one section. If any treasure is in that section, it is placed back on any hiding place where the player has no treasure. So the idea of the game is keep the location of where you put your treasures in your treasure chest in mind so you can avoid revealing it to Pete.
spacerThis sounds easy. But in practice, in the heat of the game, it's very easy to forget. 'Advanced rules' allow you to rotate someone else's treasure chest when you land on an arrowed space. You cannot peek into your box to remind yourself where you stowed the treasure. If you forget, make a dash back to the ship to stow what you have. Adults can handicap themselves if they want (how about closing your eyes when your child moves your treasure chest?). A surprisingly fun game with subtle strategy and wonderful game pieces. Way to go Haba!

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