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Odin's Ravens cards
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Designer Thorsten Gimmler
Manufacturer Rio Grande Games
Year 2003
Source Domestic

Quick Summary
spacerIn this two-player game, two ravens race along a track made of cards. Each player gets a wooden raven and a deck of action and land cards with five different type of terrain. Each card has two different terrains, one for each of the two players facing each other. By playing land cards from their hands that match the terrain on the path of flight, players can move their ravens. Some special action cards allow players to switch cards on the course, rotate cards, remove cards, and move ravens. When one player reaches the end of the flight path, the game is over, and points are tallied.
spacerThere are many decisions each turn. Should you focus on moving your own raven or hindering the flight of your opponent.
spacerThe quality of the cards and the artwork by Andreas Steiner are terrific. The illustrated rules are easy to understand. The game has an upbeat tempo with just a little waiting between turns. The price is reasonable and the strategy should appeal to all sorts of gamers, from traditional card players to more experienced strategy gamers.

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