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Mary and Julep gameboard
Mary and Julep cards

Designer Charles A. Smith
Manufacturer Kansas State University
Year 2003
Source Domestic

Quick Summary
spacerPoor Mary. She has her hands full with Julep, her six-year-old who is full of mischief. Mary really needs help to keep herself from blowing her top or doing the wrong thing with her daughter. In this cooperative game, two to four players (twelve years and up) play cards from their hands to help Mary manage the anger she feels.
spacerThe game consists of 21 turns, at three time periods for seven days. Each turn an Event card is played to reveal the stressful challenge Mary faces that provokes her anger. The player can then play a Response card to reduce the impact of the event. Chance cards are also revealed to introduce unexpected events for Mary, both negative and positive.
spacerIf the players can keep Mary's stress and her relationship with Julep from reaching a blowup point, then they win. If not, everyone loses. This is a challenging game that will play different every time because of the random events that plague Mary both at home and at work.
spacerThe game board and three decks of cards are all in full color on quality stock. Cards will have to be cut from larger sheets. We encourage you to examine the two-page rules that also contain an example of play for a more complete description of the game.

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