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Frog Juice box
Frog Juice cards
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Designers Monty Stambler
Ann Stambler
Manufacturer Gamewright
Year 1995
Source Domestic

Quick Summary
spacerFrog Juice is a simple card game of collecting ingredients (like Unicorn Horn, Bats, or Mice) for 2-4 players, ages eight to adult.
Ingredient cards are used to complete spells and capture other cards. Power cards have special powers.

spacerEach person begins the game with four cards and the dealer places the next four cards from the deck face up in a row in the center of the table. Players always start their turn with four cards.

spacerEach turn, a player can do one of the following four actions:

1. Capture cards

A. Capture from the center by matching a card from your hand (e.g, capture a toad with a toad).

B. Capture one or more cards from the center that have a numerical value of one card from your hand. For example, the value of a Deadly Nightshade from your hand can capture Toadstools, Toads, and a Shrinking Brew.

C. The reverse of B. If you have Toadstools, Toads, and a Shrinking Brew in your hand, you can capture a Deadly Nightshade.

spacerCaptured cards are placed in Ingredient and Power discard piles in front of each player.

2. Play the Black Cat card which allows you to take a power card from your opponent.

3. Sweep with a Witch Card and take all the cards in the center.

4. Play a spell card. After playing a spell card, you can place ingredients under the spell from your hand, from the center, or request cards from other players. Once the spell is completed, put the Ingredients in one discard pile and the Power Cards for the spell and the spell itself in the Power Card discard pile.

5. Pass and discard.

spacerAfter taking an action, you can add cards to any incomplete spells you have on the table from previous turns.
spacerContinue playing until there are no cards left in the draw pile and players have no playable cards in their hands.
spacerGet one point for each Power Card in your discard pile. Whoever has the most Ingredient Cards in their discard pile receives two points. Add the scores for both piles. High score wins.
Avoid having your cards taken by someone else's witch card by having the "Witch Wash" ready to play.
spacerThe cards are sturdy with large and colorful images. Other than the use of Witch cards to take cards from one’s opponent, there is no direct conflict between players. That makes Frog Juice a "low impact" game with just a touch of conflict spiced by the challenge of simple strategy and decision making.
spacerFor more information, click on the Funagain link or review the description for Frog Juice at the Boardgame Geek.

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