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Quest card
Response-Maneuver card
Weapon card
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Designer Thomas Denmark
Manufacturer Citizen Games
Year 2002
Source Domestic

Quick Summary
spacerIn Dungeoneer, you take on the mantle of one of
four great Heroes set out to prove your valor. Choose a character from one of four options (see Roderick below). Then begin playing cards from your hand to build the dungeon (see example of four cards arranged below). You can also play quests from your hand (e.g., Maiden in Distress"), different maneuvers in response to danger, and give your hero special weapons and skills (e.g., the Axe of Weeping Wounds).
spacerDungeoneeris fast, portable, and easy to learn yet challenging for players of all levels. Projected expansion sets will provide new characters, treasure cards, encounter cards, and of course...dungeon cards.
spacerIf you like a spooky fantasy setting, visit the publisher's home page:

Citizen Games page for Dungeoneer

spacerThe game is not available in most stores or (as of this review) from Funagain Games. You can purchase it directly from Citizen Games. Middle school children and teenagers who enjoy fantasy are likely to enjoy Dungeoneer with its excellent graphics and exciting game play. Some conflict is possible, but most of the danger is from the threats of the dungeon itself. If you are looking for a way to become involved with your teen, this may be a good choice.

Character card
Sample beginning dungeon layout

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