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Clans box art
Clans board during play
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Designer Leo Colovini
Manufacturer Rio Grande
Year 2003
Source Domestic version

Quick Summary
spacerClans is a game of community building. Begin by placing one tribe on each of 60 areas. Tribes are in huts of 5 colors. Each player is secretly assigned a different color. The object of the game is for your color to score the most points.
spacerTurn order is simple. Each player moves all huts from one area to an adjacent area holding at least one hut (tribes cannot be moved into vacant areas). When an area holds seven huts, they cannot be moved. Once a tribe or tribes have been isolated (all adjacent areas are empty), they become a village. Whoever created the village scores a chip, and additional points are scored for colors on that area. If all five colored tribes are in the isolated region, then there is strife and the lesser color tribes are removed.
spacerEach area has different geographical features. As the game progresses, these areas receive positive and negative scores when tribes are formed on them at certain time periods. These bonuses increase until the game ends.
spacer Clans is a great little game. The production values are excellent. The board is bright and clearly defined. The game pieces are also attractive and easily moved. The rules are simple and clearly written. Games are likely to be short and quick. Trying to figure out your opponents' colors is an additional challenge.

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