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10 Days in Africa game
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Designer Aaron Weissblum and
Alan R. Moon
Manufacturer Out of the Box
Year 2003
Source Domestic

Quick Summary
spacerCreate a ten-day trip connecting countries across Africa. Each player has two trays, similar to those used in Scrabble, labeled from day one to day ten. Each country in Africa is pictured on small heavy cards that are color coded in one of several colors. Some of the cards picture a vehicle while others show an aircraft. Begin by mixing all the cards together face down. Each player then selects ten cards, one at a time, and places them immediately along the ten-day itinerary on the track that keeps the locations visible but hidden from their opponents. Once a location or transportation is assigned a day, it can never be moved only replaced. Three cards are placed face up next to each other adjacent to the face down draw deck.
spacerPlayers can walk from one country to another adjacent country. They can insert a car between two countries to travel between two countries that are separated by one country. They can insert an aircraft that matches travel between any two countries of the same color.
spacerThe first player begins by choosing a face-up card or one from the draw deck and inserting it for one day on the tray, placing the card that it replaced face up on one of the three replacement decks. The play passes and continues until the ten days are completed by a valid journey.
spacerThe rules to the game are extremely simple, but mastering the game will be a challenge. Initial plans may have to be abandoned when new cards appear. Like real travel, players will have to be flexible to be successful. Although there is not much interaction between players, paying attention to what opponents discard and pick up provide hints to the routes they are preparing.
spacerA great way to teach the game is to play cooperatively with one child to see how few turns it requires to create a single trip.

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