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Grandletter 3 (grandparent): Generosity and love
  • Goals
    Grandparents can help grandchildren learn that the bonds of affection and friendship can be strengthened by sharing and sacrifice. In the materialistic world of today, we need to find ways to nurture generosity in children. From being in contact with you children can discover that a little bit of fragrance clings to the hands of one who gives another roses.
  • Prepare your Special Letter:
    Talk about people in your life who made a difference because of their caring and generosity. Discuss generosity. You might tell about times you gave to others and your feelings about giving. What are some qualities you see in people you love? Why are these qualities important? Anything you think is important!
  • For your grandchild's scrapbook:
    Cut a circle out of construction paper and write your grandchild's name in the middle. Add petals, leaves and a stem. On each of the leaves and petals write something you like or appreciate about your grandchild. Glue this Love Flower to a piece of paper. Briefly explain your flower on the back.
  • In your journal (After completing letter 3)
    Describe your ideas and feelings about generosity and friendship. What kinds of experiences did you have as a child that influenced your attitudes towards giving? (After receiving your grandchild's special letter): How did your grandchild feel about love and generosity?
  • Optional Activities (Choose as many as you want to do):
    Exchange of Gifts. Make a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of yourself, your house or something else you value. Paste the picture on heavy paper or lightweight cardboard. Cut it into a variety of shapes. Or make a bookmark from felt, pasting on the child's initials or make a bookmark mouse. Cut an oval of felt, add felt eyes and ears. Glue on a strand of yarn for a tail. Or you could paint a picture on a scrap of wood.
    Poem or Story. Create a poem or write a short story describing an experience you had with giving. You could illustrate it with your own drawings or with pictures cut from magazines.
    One-A-Day Love Packages. Send four or five small packages or envelopes for the child to open on certain days. You might include treats, stickers, notes, small trinkets or I.O.U.'s for future activities. On each package specify when they are to be opened and include an explanatory note.
  • Mail what you have created directly to your grandchild. Ask your grandchild to respond with letter 3 on his or her instruction sheet.
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