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Vice President for Student Life

Putting Students First Award Recipients


Faculty:  Robert Pettay, Instructor, Department of Kinesiology
Staff:  Jason Brungardt, Assistant Director of Facilities Operations, Recreational Services 


Faculty:  Daniel Kuester, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Roger Trenary Chair, Economics
Staff:  Madai’ Rivera, Coordinator of Academic Services & Diversity/Hispanic Recruitment, College of Human Ecology; and Glenn Spurlin, III, Apartment Life Coordinator, Housing and Dining Services


Faculty:  Craig Brown, Instructor and Director of Forensics, Communication Studies
Staff:  Bryon Williams, Assistant Director, Admissions


Faculty:  Kent Kerby, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Affairs, Division of Biology
Staff:  Kiley Moody, Coordinator, New Student Services


Faculty:  Candi Hironaka, Senior Associate Director, School of Leadership Studies
Staff:  Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson, Assistant Director, Disability Support Services


Faculty:  Robin Mosher, Instructor, Department of English
Staff:  Bernard Pitts, Executive Director, K-State Student Union
Staff:  Deborah Kohl, Coordinator for Community Development, Housing and Dining Services


Faculty:  Charles W. Sanders, Jr., Associate Professor, Department of History
Staff:  Benjamin Hopper, Program Advisor, K-State Student Union Program Council


Faculty:  Patrick H. Pesci, Director of the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program, Department of Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management and Dietetics
Staff:  Richard Rudnick, Residence Life Coordinator, Housing and Dining Services


Faculty:  Donald A. Saucier, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Staff:  Stephanie Bannister, Associate Director, Housing and Dining Services


Faculty:  Julia Keen, Assistant Professor, Architectural Engineering
Staff:  Emily Lehning, Coordinator, New Student Services


Faculty:  Larry Williams, Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Staff:  Andrea Blair, Learning Disabilities Specialist, Disability Support Services