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Division of Communications and Marketing

Kansas State University Digital Signage

Kansas State University now provides a centralized digital sign system using Four Winds Interactive (FWI) software, supported jointly by the Division of Communications and Marketing (DCM) and Information Technology Services (iTAC). University units can request access to the digital sign software at no cost. Hardware and installation costs will be the responsibility of the requesting department/unit.

Here is a look at the process for requesting access to the digital sign software, as well as assistance with design and hardware needs assessment.


Contact your client manager or Robert Nelson with the Division of Communications and Marketing at rfnelson@k-state.edu or 785-532-2535. 

We will meet with you to:

  • Discuss the purpose and proposed location(s) of the digital sign(s) requested
  • Help determine whether an interactive sign is best for the unit’s needs
  • Determine a timeframe for digital sign deployment(s)
  • Work with you to determine what type of content will be needed for the sign

See a gallery of displays on campus.


DCM will arrange a meeting with you and Information Technology Services to:

  • Provide quotes for the display, mounting hardware and computer
  • Get you in touch with the appropriate Facilities personnel to get estimates on power needs and mounting costs
  • Get you in touch with Network and Telecom to make sure networking is available to the sign location(s) 


When the hardware has arrived (mounting brackets for display and computer) the following will happen: 

Telecom and Networking will (ITS charges will apply): 

  • Pull network lines for the digital sign computer
  • Make sure the network line is on the secured digital sign VLAN

Facilities will (Facilities charges will apply):

  • Install power
  • Install the mounting brackets for the display and computer
  • Hang the display on the mounting bracket (the computer will be installed in the computer bracket by iTAC once Facilities installs the bracket)

iTAC will:

  • Load software and Install computer hardware in the computer bracket
  • Connect cables to the display and computer
  • Connect the digital sign to the server
  • Grant digital sign server access to your assigned staff for sign content management
  • Train unit staff on how to update data field on their templates
  • Train unit staff as requested on more advanced digital sign techniques

Once the sign is fully deployed and staff is trained, Information Technology Services will provide ongoing hardware and connectivity support as long as recommended hardware is purchased. The Division of Communications and Marketing will provide ongoing support for template and design related items, and provide shared content for display university-wide. Departmental/localized content requests should be routed to your client manager-please allow sufficient lead time to produce special content.