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Division of Communications and Marketing

Welcome from the vice president

K-State has a strong brand; our job is to make it stronger. This includes taking the current brand and condensing it into a more unified vision of K-State.

Our assignment is to unify the brand voice and continue K-State on the path to an improved national, and international, reputation. We are a land-grant university that offers education, research and athletics on a national level, and our brand strength needs to convey that to the world.

We believe our most important communications task is to clearly articulate a brand promise and make sure our brand experience lives up to the promise. We rely on talented and experienced personnel to provide the necessary insight, courage and perseverance to show the world how great K-State really is.

The current field of media is exploding with new media that we need to integrate into our communications strategy. The division of communications and marketing merges all forms of university media under one roof. A media convergence center provides the bricks, and new alignments with faculty and students supplying the mortar.

I welcome your notes letting me know how our team can best assist you.

Jeffery Morris, Vice president communications and marketing

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